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5 Easy Ways to Earn 2000 Per Day on Instagram

    earn 2000 per day on Instagram

    Earn 2000 per day on Instagram

    Before getting into the tactics, let’s have a look at how easy it is to earn 2000 per day on Instagram. Let’s say you have 500 followers, which is moderate. To help you reach your target of ₹2000 , all you need to do is 2% of them, or simply 10 followers. The math adds up if each of these 10 followers gives you ₹200: ₹200 x 10 = ₹2000. Congratulations! Your goal has been accomplished. Now that we’ve proven how easy this method is, let’s look at five practical and Easy ways to earn ₹2000 per day on Instagram.

    earn 2000 per day on Instagram

    1. Selling Digital Services

    Make use of your abilities and knowledge by using Instagram to market your services. Showcase your work on your profile, regardless of whether you manage social media, write, or are a graphic designer. To draw in potential customers, use attention-grabbing images and captivating text. By using Instagram’s direct message tool to connect with customers and land gigs, you can earn 2000 per day on Instagram

    If suppose you don’t have any skills you don’t have any knowledge, don’t worry. Message @boltmediagrowthh on Instagram and tell (I want to Earn Money but I don’t have any skills) and we will help you.

    2. Sell Handcrafted Products:

    Use your Instagram page to market your handmade goods if you have a talent for creating them. Present your works of art, jewelry, and personalized goods to your followers. Send them to your e-commerce website or accept questions via direct messages. To fulfill your daily earnings target and expedite the purchasing procedure, make use of Instagram’s shopping tools and earn 2000 per day on Instagram.

    Here are some handcrafted product ideas for you in different categories:

    Handmade Jewelry:

    • Wire-wrapped gemstone necklaces or bracelets.
    • Customizable stamped metal jewelry.
    • Polymer clay earrings in unique shapes and colors.

    Home Decor:

    • Hand-painted or embroidered throw pillows.
    • Macramé wall hangings or plant hangers.
    • Hand-thrown pottery for mugs, bowls, or plant pots.

    Leather Goods:

    • Hand-stitched leather wallets or cardholders.
    • Personalized leather keychains.
    • Leather-bound journals or notebooks.


    • Soy or beeswax candles with embedded botanicals.
    • Carved or sculpted candles.
    • Scented candles in unique containers.

    Textile Crafts:

    • Hand-knit scarves or blankets.
    • Embroidered or appliquéd tea towels.
    • Quilted table runners or wall hangings.


    • Hand-carved wooden spoons or kitchen utensils.
    • Wooden coasters with intricate designs.
    • Live-edge wooden furniture or serving boards.

    Paper Crafts:

    • Handmade greeting cards or stationery.
    • Origami art or mobiles.
    • Decoupage home décor items.

    Upcycled Products:

    • Upcycled denim tote bags or backpacks.
    • Repurposed glass bottle vases or candle holders.
    • Vintage book page art or bookbinding.

    Natural Beauty Products:

    • Handmade soap with natural ingredients.
    • Custom-blended essential oil perfumes.
    • Beeswax-based lip balms or solid perfumes.


    • Hand-forged metal jewelry.
    • Sculpted metal home decor pieces.
    • Customized metal bookmarks or keyrings.

    Miniature Art:

    • Tiny paintings or illustrations.
    • Miniature clay sculptures or figurines.
    • Micro macramé jewelry or accessories.

    Children’s Toys:

    • Hand-sewn stuffed animals or dolls.
    • Wooden or felt educational toys.
    • Custom-painted wooden building blocks.

    Remember, the key to a successful handmade product is often a combination of quality craftsmanship and a unique, personal touch. Consider your skills and interests when choosing a craft, and don’t be afraid to experiment and infuse your personality into your creations.

    3. Affiliate Marketing:

    Imagine waking up to 2000 extra in your account every day, just because your squad snagged some goodies through your links. Instagram is your playground for this hustle, so use those pics and stories to show off how these products fit into your life. Make it visual, make it fun.

    Enter the world of affiliate marketing by collaborating with companies and endorsing their merchandise. Select goods that appeal to your consumers and fit within your specialty. Create interesting content that highlights the advantages of the products and includes your special affiliate link. Earning 2000 per day becomes achievable with commissions received from each sale made via your link.

    Share what you love about the products and throw in some personal stories. People want real reviews, you know? And don’t forget to drop your special link – that’s the secret sauce that hooks your followers up with the goods and puts some cash in your pocket.

    • Consistency is very important in this game. Keep your feed fresh with new pics and Reels, share updates, and let your followers know what’s good. As your followers grows and more people trust your recommendations, you’re not just earning cash, you’re becoming the go-to person for the latest and greatest.

    Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to earn 2000 per day on Instagram

    4. Offer Online Courses or Consultations:

    You can earn 2000 per day on Instagram or even more by offering online courses and consultations on Instagram. Whether you’re a photography whiz, a digital marketing guru, or a fitness aficionado, this avenue allows you to showcase your skills and connect with a global audience.

    To earn 2000 per day on Instagram you need to create content that not only highlights your skills but also engages and captivates your followers. Think beyond static posts – leverage Instagram Live, IGTV, and Stories to provide sneak peeks into your world of knowledge. Show off your photography techniques, give a glimpse of your digital marketing strategies in action, or offer quick fitness tips that leave your audience wanting more.

    Instagram Live is your personal stage. Host live sessions where you dive deep into specific topics, answer questions in real-time, and share behind-the-scenes insights to earn 2000 per day on Instagram. This not only establishes your authority in your field but also creates a direct and immediate connection with your audience.

    IGTV is your canvas for longer-form content. Create comprehensive tutorials, share in-depth lessons, or even conduct virtual workshops. This allows your followers to delve into your expertise at their own pace, creating a valuable resource that keeps them coming back for more.

    Don’t underestimate the power of Stories. Use this feature to share bite-sized snippets, daily tips, or quick updates. Stories have a sense of urgency – they’re here today, gone tomorrow. This prompts your audience to act swiftly, creating a perfect avenue to direct them to your courses or consultation sign-up.

    As you grow your presence and establish yourself as an authority, guide interested followers to take the next step. Direct them to sign up for your online courses or book a consultation session. Utilize tools like Instagram’s swipe-up feature (if available to you) or include a clear call-to-action in your bio. Make it easy for them to access the wealth of knowledge you’re ready to share and earn 2000 per day on Instagram.

    Imagine waking up each day, not just with the satisfaction of sharing your passion but with tangible returns. By channeling your expertise through Instagram, you not only connect with a global audience but also inch closer to your daily earnings target. So, share your knowledge, inspire others, and let Instagram become the platform where your expertise turns into a rewarding journey. You can earn 2000 per day on Instagram or even more.

    5. Become an Instagram Influencer

    Create your own brand and rise to prominence in your industry. Develop your fan base steadily, produce excellent material on a regular basis, and work with sponsors on sponsored articles. As your impact increases, so do prospects for sponsored partnerships. Choose relationships that are in line with your principles and the interests of your audience, and be open and honest with your followers about sponsored material. You can earn 2000 per day on Instagram or even much more if you are an Influencer.


    With a little amount for followers and a little ingenuity, making 2000 a day on Instagram is not just simple but also attainable. Try out these tactics, adjust them for your own niche, and maintain consistency. You’ll discover that your Instagram account has the potential to develop into a successful revenue stream over time and you will be able to earn ₹2000 per day on Instagram

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